You rent your own Application
as complete paket in the Cloud
Ready for use
Work together - Worldwide
All inclusive
No install need
No investment
Create with just a few clicks
your own document database
within hours - instead of weeks
without any coding
ready to use
Your new web application...
... you only need

to get it ...
... runs on all

There are no limits to what you can do...

Your bespoke turnkey solution in the cloud is just a few mouse clicks away

Create a cloud-based web app that has a professional look,
is instantly ready for use, and tailored to your needs.
You could be online TODAY. Wow.

Cut your developing time and costs up to 90%.
by using the very wide range of "ready-to-use" features
of this new cloud-based Application Builder.

All included in the monthly rental fee.
Simply rent your finished app as a complete cloud solution.
With professional hosting and an uptime guarantee.

No need to install any software. No investment costs.
You don't need programming skills.
All you need is a browser.

Application builder

Either you create your own custom app

DIY kit for web apps

With the concept, you can create the database-based web app you want.
YOUR requirements determine the application's functions and design.

Everything is freely configurable.

► The form builder lets you create forms for entering and displaying your data.
► With the help of categorised views and sorted lists, your users can find the information they are looking for.
► You can easily tailor your application's layout to your own requirements.
► A wide range of ready-made functional modules can be enabled or disabled, depending on what you need.

And all without writing a single line of code!

Or use one of our ready-made Business Apps

Business Apps: Instantly ready for use

We already have done a lot of work for you:
These preconfigured "Business-Apps" solutions should provide about 80 % of your required application,
instantly ready for use. You can then change and expand them, to tailor them to your specific requirements.

Test it and see for yourself !

Anyone can make big promises...
We let you test it all live and see for yourself.
So you can judge whether we offer what you're looking for – and whether we deliver on our promises.

You can instantly go live with a real system.

Within 30 days, you can decide whether to keep your new system, or not.
No brochure, no specification and no sales person can offer you anything even remotely similar.

If you decide to license your database in writing, we'll send you an invoice and you simply carry on working. If you decide not to, we automatically delete your system from our servers after 30 days.
This trial is free. No obligation. No personal data.

  It'll only take you one minute to create your own database online.