Cloud. Nothing could be easier.

Create it online
Create your app online in just one minute.
It's instantly accessible on the web.

Menu-based configuration without any programming
Specify the functions and look of your app
and determine what access rights users will have to your data.

Your data
are immediately online. Authorised users anywhere can at any time
read, edit or add content.

You'll be amazed at the result.
In no time at all, you've created a cloud-based web app worth about 30,000 euros,
which looks professional and is instantly ready for use!

What cloud-based software as a service means for you:

No stress.
It just works.

This situation probably sounds familiar:
Developer A designs a database, which is hosted by Provider B. Nothing fits, and FTP access is possible only from your local computer – which has just crashed...

But it could be quite different. Really! is a complete solution. Designed and
managed by professionals.
With several thousand users.
Test it and see for yourself!

Perfect collaboration in teams or groups

Authorised users can maintain shared data at any time, from anywhere. New documents are immediately available online.
For perfect, simple and secure collaboration in distributed teams at different sites around the globe. Accessible 24/7/365 – from anywhere in the world.

High availability
Hosting included

Our high-performance servers are located in some of the most up-to-date, s ecure, and powerful data centres in Europe. RAID1, clustering and IBM replication data security, 24 hour control, professional administration and daily backups ensure that your data are more secure than on your local computer. Internet backbones of up to 3 Gbit/s enable the fastest possible data transfer. Multiple redundant connections ensure maximum availability even if individual network providers break down.

Knowing how much it costs.

Just one set price for the complete solution. No additional costs, no hidden extras. The rental fee for a whole year costs you the same as you'd pay elsewhere just for an initial consultation. There's no need for any investment.

More time for your core business

and for making money.
Let sales people do the selling... Let plumbers fix the plumbing...
Give artists time to be creative...
Have you ever worked out just how much of your valuable time is taken up with IT tasks?

Let the cloud take care of those!

Instantly ready for use

Once you've created your app online in just one minute, it's instantly ready for use, anywhere in the world.
The system provides everything you need for professional use.
You don't need to install anything.
All you need is a browser.

Beautifully simple.

If you can make a cup of tea...
... you can just as easily create and use a database on the web.
Here's an example:
Open the configuration menu and click on a design to select it for your application:

Use the menu to add your own logo or to tailor colours and fonts to your CI. Finished.
The app does all the rest automatically!

But – if that's not your cup of tea,
we can always configure a solution for you, in just one day!

Making the simple complicated is commonplace:
making the complicated simple, that's creativity.
[Charles Mingus, jazz legend]

Test it and see for yourself !

Anyone can make big promises...
We let you test it all live and see for yourself.
So you can judge whether we offer what you're looking for – and whether we deliver on our promises.

You can instantly go live with a real system.

Within 30 days, you can decide whether to keep your new system, or not.
No brochure, no specification and no sales person can offer you anything even remotely similar.

If you decide to license your database in writing, we'll send you an invoice and you simply carry on working. If you decide not to, we automatically delete your system from our servers after 30 days.
This trial is free. No obligation. No personal data.

  It'll only take you one minute to create your own database online.