More than 50 000 users

currently make use of our cloud services.

Global players such as Volkswagen, degussa or TDK
rely on our skills and experience in groupware
and on our internet services.

We are proud to say that more than 50 000 users put their trust in our cloud services.
Federal and local government institutions, associations,
private clubs and societies, and individuals.

Every customer is unique.
And every job is special.

Our customers from A to Z

Our range of customers is as diverse as the
multitude of possible applications for
[This list is just a selection]

A... Apothekerkammer Niedersachsen
Alpinweb Berge Tirol (Austria)
B... Bayerisches Staatsministerium
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (BMWA)
C... C&A Mode KG
CS Wohnungsagentur München
D... Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG, Vienna
E... Evonik Industries AG
Europäischer Feng Shui und Geomantie Berufsverband
F... FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG
G... Gesellschaft für Thüringer Schlösser und Gärten e.V.
GAB Steinfurt AöR (ARGE)
H... Howema Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG
Herzblatt-Reisen (Switzerland)
I... IHK Nord Westfalen
INEOS Phenol Europe
J... Jazz & Rock School Trier
Justizministerium Baden-Württemberg
K... Kidde Fire Trainers GmbH
KONZ Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
L... Landesinstitut für Schulentwicklung, LS Stuttgart
Landratsamt Lörrach, Erlangen and others
MQ-Wines (Switzerland)
N... NORD/LB Braunschweig
O... Outside Professional GmbH
Obstgrossmarkt Markdorf
P... PRPetuum Werbeagentur München
Peters, Kanzlei
Q... Querdenker e.V.
(German national network for start-up businesses)
R... ROTARY Club / Rotaract e.V.
Röhm Plexiglas GmbH & Co. KG
S... SBB AG Bern, Swiss Railways
Senatsverwaltung Berlin
T... TDK Europe
Telereise Audiotex (Spain)
U... UWEMA AG (Switzerland)
Umzugsbroker24, Berlin
Volksbank Wolfenbüttel/Salzgitter
W... WestLB Düsseldorf
WZLforum at RWTH Aachen University / Fraunhofer IPT
X... XXL Modeparadies C.W.*
Y... Yellow Pages Germany
Yachtcharter J.S*
Z... Zentralverband Orthopädieschuhtechnik
Züricher Versicherungs-Treuhand

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Innovation Prize for IT

First place for the online service

Presented to MANETEC KG managing directors
Uwe Hennecke and Matthias Gramm by Minister Walter Hirche

At the CeBIT computer fair, the innovative and unique concept was awarded the Innovation Prize for IT.

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