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Google Maps
Radius search, Paypal & Co
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Applikation-building kit
Brilliant simple.   Ready for use.
Acess over
3 Security levels
Document-based security concept
5 Access-levels
No Access ► Reader ► Author ► Supervisor ► Manager
ISO 9001
certified data security
after order data processing §11 BDSG
Teamwork and working in groups
Work together
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Cloud Hosting inclusive
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All features included – with just one mouse-click

Menu-based configuration, no programming required

With rent-a-base.com, you don't program
you set preferences. The function and design of your app
are determined by YOUR requirements.

Our apps come with a wide range of features
that other providers would take
weeks to develop and 5-figure sums in costs.

Each bespoke development of a rent-a-base.com
instant app or Business Apps
is worth 32.000 euros on average.

You don't need programming skills.
No need to install any software. And no investment costs.
All you need is a browser.

Form builder for your custom forms

Forms are used for entering and viewing data.
A state-of-the-art form builder lets you create custom web forms with up to 200 entry fields.
You can include tabs, images and download areas.
Drag & drop = quick & simple!

Whatever you want – you've got it:
text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, picklists, date fields, e-mail, links, and rich text fields.
All with field validation, field access control and tooltips.

Or click to add one of these optional ready-made components:
Google Maps, proximity searches, file uploads, HTML editor.

rent-a-base.com web form


Views let you display, filter, sort and categorise your data:

In lists that can be sorted "on the fly" or
innovative categorised views with different hierarchy levels.
In the form of an online shop like amazon with pictures.
Or in the form of search results, like Google.
Or in the style of an online news magazine.
Simply configure your views
to suit your personal requirements
with a few mouse-clicks.

But what if my requirements change?
Click! You simply change your view, too.
That's really cool.

rent-a-base.com web form

Search queries

Run simple or complex search queries to find data matching specific criteria:

► A programmer in the Cork area with SAP HR experience
► A holiday home in Croatia for 16 people with a pool
► A job opening for a magician on Anglesey in July
► An up-to-date court ruling on privacy rights
► The last quote for product no. 642 sent to BMW

Click! There you are. That was easy, wasn't it?
Your data and information only add value
if you can FIND them when you need them.

But don't despair if you have no structured search criteria: simply run the integrated full-text search on your data incl. file formats such as pdf or doc for a quick result.

rent-a-base.com web form


Modules correspond to the different data or document types you are planning to manage with your cloud application:
customer addresses and meeting reports, sales quotes, correspondence, properties, vacancies and applicants, items and products, members, etc.

For each module, you can configure a custom form, custom views and a range of different search queries.

You can also link individual documents. Sounds good? Then read on!

rent-a-base.com web form

Linking documents

1:n or m:n?

► Is your customer meeting report assigned to a customer?
► Can you compare project A with project B?
► Or assign applicant X to job opening Y?
► Which company supplies product C-303?
► Who is the right contact for your patient Mr Jones?

All these are examples of relations between documents.

And even if you have zero experience in database programming, you can create these links. Yes, you really can!
But we'll still be glad to help you.

rent-a-base.com web form

User management

You're the boss.
As manager, you can create users or delete them.
You can assign reader, author and supervisor roles.

You decide who can read a document.
You decide who can edit a document.
And, more importantly, who can't.

All rent-a-base.com apps are based on IBM Lotus Domino,
the global leader when it comes to security.

Personalised access control for individual documents.
Personalised editing privileges for individual documents.
Personalised access for individual fields.

rent-a-base.com web form

Your layout

When your 250 field sales staff send their daily customer meeting reports to the head office, you expect them to implement your CI. That's obvious.

When you present your latest products to a customer, the layout has to meet your corporate guidelines. That's obvious.

When you integrate a third-party database into your website, you don't really want anyone to know, because it's only a tool. That's obvious.

d a t e n b a n k e n 2 4 can easily be tailored to your CI.
In fact, it already forms part of countless websites
but you'd never know.

rent-a-base.com web form

Importing and exporting data

Are you still working with spreadsheet files?
Or a local database?

Importing your data could not be easier.
Why not work as part of a team
or, even better, let others do the work for you...

Authorised users can work together as a team to create documents or update data.
Any time, from anywhere. Togehther..

But we'll still be glad to help you with your import.

rent-a-base.com web form


Follow up. For immediate action. FYI.
Next step. Forward to...

For document follow-up and task management,
incl. e-mail notifications when documents are created or modified.

Shows you instantly who is responsible for what tasks,
or the status of a document.

rent-a-base.com web form

Document history

All changes are documented in detail.

So you know exactly what has been added or deleted
in a document, and by whom.

Sounds good, but how do I do it?
You don't, because this detailed document history is automatically created by the system.

As are the statistics and the database and document access counters. They all come as standard with every app.

rent-a-base.com web form

Personal folders

Each user can quickly access his or her most important documents:

customer data, purchase orders, or the products he or she is responsible for.

rent-a-base.com web form

Image display and file attachments

In an applicant document, you might want to include
a Word file with the CV,
the application letter in pdf format,
and the history as an Excel spreadsheet.

Or show a property for sale with images,
and a machine with technical drawings.

And maybe include video clips, sample texts or music files.

The upload control for all file types transforms your app into a document management system.
Files are embedded directly in each document.

rent-a-base.com web form


The integrated HTML editor lets you easily enter and display formatted text, or simply copy/paste formatted text from other applications such as MS Word or another web site, using the clipboard.

Ideal for displaying CVs, property profiles, or detailed descriptions.

rent-a-base.com web form

Cascading (hierarchical) picklists

Use this state-of-the-art Ajax technology
whenever a second selection depends on the first selection, and a third selection depends on the second selection.


Audi >>
        A3 >> Attraction, Ambition, Ambiente, Sportback, ...
        A4 >> Limousine, Avant, Cabriolet, ..
        A6 >> Limousine, Avant, ...
BMW >>
        3 Series >> Limousine, Convertible, Coupé, Touring, ...
        5 Series >> Limousine, Touring, ...

rent-a-base.com web form

Table-Fields (Grid fields)

Table-Fields are complete configurated in just a few klicks
and make the input of the

dynamic enumerations in tabular Form
in a document or Formular possible, like
tabular CV, Qualification, language skills,
work experience, credentials and much more.

As well you can create statement of costs, billings
or enter and care membership fees for example.

datenbanken24 Web form

Google Maps Integration with Radiussearch

It's so simple:
You just had to activate it by one klick
and put it to your desired spot.

You enter an adress and Google-Map show you,
where the adress is on the map.

Find a Hotel in a vicinity of 20 km?
Allready done.

Everything is finished for you !

Google Maps Umkreissuche: Beispiel ansehen

Website integration

You can either use your completed app as an independent web app via the integrated user interface. In that case you don't even need an extra website.

Or you simply integrate individual modules into your existing website – no one will ever know the difference!
Forms, views or search queries are
just so easy to include in your web pages –

and you'll love the result !

rent-a-base.com web form

Still missing a feature ?

Your cloud app can be extended and
customised as required.

Can I get a specific feature for a bespoke project?     Yes, you can.

We'd be happy to develop features and programme add-ons or changes according to your specifications. Please contact us for prices and a written quotation.

With most of our customer projects, our standard app already meets about 80% of a customer's requirements. We can develop the "missing 20%" for you.
This allows us to offer you a complete, tailor-made project at only about
10% of the time and cost required for a comparable bespoke solution.

We're just a phone call away!

Why not let our support team advise you how to implement YOUR own project using the rent-a-base.com concept. We're here to take your call !
Free of charge and with no obligations, of course.

Customising ?

Yes, please !

And, as you'd expect:
Transparent costs, one price to cover all.
No additional or hidden follow-up costs.

Test it and see for yourself !

Anyone can make big promises...
We let you test it all live and see for yourself.
So you can judge whether we offer what you're looking for – and whether we deliver on our promises.

You can instantly go live with a real system.

Within 30 days, you can decide whether to keep your new system, or not.
No brochure, no specification and no sales person can offer you anything even remotely similar.

If you decide to license your database in writing, we'll send you an invoice and you simply carry on working. If you decide not to, we automatically delete your system from our servers after 30 days.
This trial is free. No obligation. No personal data.

  It'll only take you one minute to create your own database online.