Cut your costs by 90%

Would you buy a hotel whenever you need a room?
Our cloud databases are for rent, not for sale.
T hey still have all mod cons.

All included in the rental fee!

Licensing fee, hosting, web space, firewall, administration, backup and support.
You don't need to install anything. There's no need for any investment.
All you need is a browser.

An unbeatable price and unrivalled ease of use.
Let us help you reduce your development time and costs by up to 90%.
We really mean it!

All services included

Transparent costs, one price to cover all.

  • All inclusive and instantly ready for use
  • No stress – it simply works
  • Your software licence includes the complete range of functions
  • Freely configurable and flexible, change it any time
  • High online availability worldwide (hosting, web space, traffic, etc.)
  • Guaranteed full backups 7 x 1 day + 4 x 1 week + 6 x 1 month
  • User management, access control, virus protection and firewall
  • Five access levels
  • Easy integration with your website
  • Groupware: perfect teamwork at any time, from anywhere
  • Service hotline for all your questions
  • Automatic updates and enhanced functionality
  • No need to install anything, or for any investment
  • All you need is a browser

The development costs similar to an application made with
is about 32.000 Euro on average.

One price covers all

No additional costs.
No hidden follow-up costs.
No setup fee.

Price list

The monthly rental fee for your cloud application is calculated based on the licensing level and the licence period:

Registered users 5 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage volume 1 GB 3 GB 10 GB 100 GB
Data transfer
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support E-mail Telephone Telephone Premium VIP
Modules 1 3 5 10
Stadardizied interfaces
easybill, cleverreach, GEDYS,
inklusive inklusive
Online creation
incl. 30-day trial licence
Free Free Free Free
12 months 24 ,- €
28,56 € *
49 ,- €
58,31 € *
79 ,- €
94,01 € *
149 ,- €
177,33 € *
6 months 29 ,- €
34,51 € *
59 ,- €
70,21 € *
89 ,- €
105,91 € *
159 ,- €
189,21 € *
1 month 49 ,- €
58,31 € *
79 ,- €
94,01 € *
99 ,- €
117,81 € *
179 ,- €
213,01 € *

All prices listed are final prices inclusive of German sales tax.
A 50 % discount is given to registered associations (e.V.) and registered charities.
The fee is due on receipt of the invoice, payable in advance for the entire licence period.
Changes between licensing levels are easily possible at any time.
The licensing agreement ends automatically and notice need not be given.
Of course, it can be renewed if required.

Any questions?

+49 531 2086 4780


How do licensing and activation work?

Simply complete the order form and send it to us by post or fax.

Fax your order
Within the 30-day trial period, you decide whether you want to keep your new system.
To licence your database, simply complete the order form, send it to us and carry on working.

Pay by invoice
Payment of the licensing fee is due on receipt of the invoice.
When we have received payment, your database will be activated for unrestricted use
within the database volume and the licensing period you have chosen.

Contracts for customer needs
Our customers stay with us,
because they like our databases; not because they are bound by a contract.
Until the day your licensing period expires, you can choose whether to renew or not.
There is no need to expressly give notice.

Optional: Konfigurations-Service

You can configure your Database completely on your OWN and for FREE. Our offer is therefore optional.

Our offer contains:

  • The creation of a datasheet or webform based on your wishes
  • The configure of three views
  • The configure of search query or the search module
  • The adjustment to your desired Layout
  • The data import from your current system in your new database
  • The connection several databases or forms among themselves
  • Support for the integration in your own homepage
  • A comfortable instruction in your new system

We offer you the configuration for your licensed data base
by your individual requirements as service
for the fixed price of 399,- Euro per module.

Our employee, with the experince of hundred configurated data bases,
finish your task fast and for low cost.

You get your desired database, ready for use, for a price,
that you pay on other website just for a meeting.

Fast and cheep

The configure of your database
by your individual wishes
is realize within 1-2 Days.

just 399,- €

Jetzt bestellen!

Free Prototyp

We invite you - to an individual test drive with datenbanken24

Imagine, they go to your car dealer, and build your desired car. -
in your desired color, your desired fittings, your engine, your special wishes -
BUT just for a test drive ...
and then you ride a full month test - for free - and the fuel is free too...
This is how you can imagine our service "Free Prototyp".

YOU - tell us your requirements and wishes for your database, for example by telefon
WE - show you in 3 Days a solution - live in the Cloud - individual developed for you !
AND - completely non-binding and for Free

We demonstrate you the uniq efficiency by datenbanken24 - practically !

No risk - No liabilities:
You only pay, if you agree with our proposal - and like so much,
that you use your database and want to license it.

There is no right on this service.
We give you free configuration proposal, if we can assess with your requirement description,
that datenbanken24 is suitable to realise your requirements fast and correct.
Thats what we find out in a first Conversation.

Test it and see for yourself !

Anyone can make big promises...
We let you test it all live and see for yourself.
So you can judge whether we offer what you're looking for – and whether we deliver on our promises.

You can instantly go live with a real system.

Within 30 days, you can decide whether to keep your new system, or not.
No brochure, no specification and no sales person can offer you anything even remotely similar.

If you decide to license your database in writing, we'll send you an invoice and you simply carry on working. If you decide not to, we automatically delete your system from our servers after 30 days.
This trial is free. No obligation. No personal data.

  It'll only take you one minute to create your own database online.