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rent-a-base.com is a cloud-based web service by MANETEC

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Excellent support included

Our high-quality support service for licensed databases is available free of charge, via e-mail or telephone.

Our support team responds to 80 per cent of all service requests either immediately by telephone, or within 24 hours by e-mail. It has won several awards for speed and exceptional customer service.

But more than all awards, we value feedback from our customers, who frequently comment on the "quick and reliable support service" they have received.

Optional configuration service

You can configure all aspects of the database yourself, costing you nothing at all,
so this offering is entirely optional.

Our offer includes:

  • Creation of a data sheet or web form according to your specifications
  • Configuration of three views
  • Configuration of search queries or the search module
  • Customisation of the layout to match your needs
  • Import of your existing data to the system.
  • Linking several databases or forms
  • Assistance with the integration into your own website
  • Guided introduction to your new system

We will configure your licensed database according to your personal requirements at a fixed price of only € 399.

Our experienced team of professionals has configured hundreds of databases, and will be happy to do the same for you – quickly and at a reasonable price.

What you get:
an instantly accessible bespoke database solution
at a price you would pay elsewhere for an initial consultation.

Quick and affordable

We can configure your database
according to your personal requirements
within 48 hours.

just € 399,- €

Order now!

Personalised add-ons and customisations

Your cloud application can be extended and customised.

Can I get a specific feature for a bespoke project?    

Yes, you can.

We'd be happy to develop features and programme add-ons or changes according to your specifications. Please contact us for prices and a written quotation.

With most of our customer projects,
our standard already meets about 80 per cent of a customer's requirements.
We can develop the "missing 20 per cent" for you.

This allows us to offer you a complete, tailor-made project
at only about 10 per cent of the time and cost required
for a comparable bespoke solution.

We're just a free phone call away !

Why not let our support team advise you free of charge and with no obligations how to implement YOUR own project using the rent-a-base.com concept.
We're here to take your call !


Yes, please!

And, as you'd expect:
Transparent costs, one price to cover all.
No additional or hidden follow-up costs.

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Test it and see for yourself !

Anyone can make big promises...
We let you test it all live and see for yourself.
So you can judge whether we offer what you're looking for – and whether we deliver on our promises.

You can instantly go live with a real system.

Within 30 days, you can decide whether to keep your new system, or not.
No brochure, no specification and no sales person can offer you anything even remotely similar.

If you decide to license your database in writing, we'll send you an invoice and you simply carry on working. If you decide not to, we automatically delete your system from our servers after 30 days.
This trial is free. No obligation. No personal data.

  It'll only take you one minute to create your own database online.